Ana Carbajal is a Mexican psychologist, writer and international model, she has been the face of local and international brands in Mexico such as: Levis, Sally, Adidas, Loreal Paris, Liverpool, Goc, Ilusión, Aerie, and many more, she has also worked between Europe, United States and Latin America, being the staring campaigns for Flores Chile, Falabella Chile, Felix Panama, Urban Decay USA, Pep &Co UK, Malibu and Adidas in the United Kingdom, among others. She debuted at NewYorkFashionWeek in September 2019. In 2020 she was named one of the 50 people who transform Mexico.

Her first conference was a Ted Talk called ‘Body Equity’ in which she talks about the importance of raising awareness about the impact that advertising has on self-esteem, and the importance of a more equitable industry.
In January of this year she published her first book entitled ‘The love that we stole’ in which she narrates her experiences and learning before and after entering the modeling industry.